Joint Chamber Breakfast Briefing – Occupy Central Movement – Longer Term Implications for Hong Kong

In the absence of a political compromise and given various mis-steps by both the pro-democratic camp and the government and police, this crisis is likely to drag on for an extended period, potentially causing significant below the waterline damage both to Hong Kong and its international reputation.

The role of murky, triad related forces in the Anti-Occupy Central camp is also a cause of concern to many in Hong Kong, who fear for the longer term protection of the rule of law.

Steve will address these issues and outline the likely longer term consequences and outcomes of the protest movement on Hong Kong and its business environment.

Steve Vickers is the CEO of Steve Vickers & Associates (“SVA”) ( and has over 39 years experience in Asia.

SVA is a specialist risk mitigation, corporate intelligence and risk consulting company. The company serves financial institutions, private equity funds, corporations, high net-worth individuals and insurance companies and underwriters around the world.

Steve is an acknowledged expert on political and security issues in Asia Pacific. For the past 20 years in the private sector, Steve has conducted numerous sensitive business intelligence projects, major financial investigations, international asset searches and crisis containment assignments.

He previously spent 18 years with the former Royal Hong Kong Police and commanded its Criminal Intelligence Bureau.

Steve is a frequent commentator on political risk and crisis issues. His opinion on security matters is regularly sought by the international media and he has lectured widely.

Steve is a member of the International Institute of Security.

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