SVA – What’s fueling the Great Resignation (Podcast)

Over the weekend, risk advisory firm Steve Vickers and Associates warned of “significant staff defections” over the coming months as end-of-year bonuses are handed out, families reconsider their options in light of Covid-19 restrictions, and the work-from-home environment makes it easier for people to switch to new firms.

It’s all seems to be part of “The Great Resignation” in which more than 40 percent of employees around the globe are expected to quit their jobs over the next 12 months, according to recent research from Microsoft.

In today’s AGB podcast, Asia editor Felix Ng sits down with Sudhir Kale, an expert on employee engagement and the CEO of Gameplan Consultants. We discuss the drivers for this mass exodus of workers, particularly in Australia’s gaming industry. We look at some of the failings that some gaming operators have made in trying to attract or retain employees amid the staff shortage, and look at some innovative solutions employed by their peers.

It follows on from an article released earlier this month by Sudhir Kale and Brett Jones of BullseyeCX on the subject.