Taiwan Straits Crisis – What Companies Should Do to Mitigate Regional Business Risk

Steve Vickers and Associates ("SVA") www.stevevickersassociates.com will shortly release our brief Taiwan Straits Crisis – What Companies Should Do to Mitigate Regional Business Risk.

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Our brief examines how tensions in the Taiwan Straits have risen steeply following the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi to Taipei, between 2 to 3 August 2022 and the consequences and impact on international businesses.

The response by Beijing has been immediate and strident. Large-scale Chinese military exercises highlighted how deteriorating Sino-US relations are buffeting international companies right across the Asia-Pacific region.

The brief also outlines how those companies that act early to identify and mitigate risks to their businesses, in what is a pan-regional scenario, rather than a Taiwan issue alone, will better weather this storm.

The SVA Risk Assessment is thus an essential primer for executives looking to get ahead of key risks, so as to ensure that their companies are in a strong position to benefit in the year to come.

SVA stands ready to assist in areas of crisis management, political risk assessments, white collar crime response and related areas.

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