Kidnap & Ransom Consulting & Response Services

SVA draws on deep experience in dealing with kidnap and ransom incidents ranging from modest domestic matters to multi-jurisdictional cases involving tens of millions of U.S. dollars.

SVA has an unparalleled track record in the discreet and effective handling of special risk issues in three especially sensitive areas:

All of the above present unique and different challenges to corporations, families and others involved. Specialist knowledge, commitment and experience is required to successfully resolve incidents in a timely fashion.

Our key consultants come from the senior ranks of government or of intelligence organisations and they have personally led the response to kidnap and ransom incidents over protracted periods of time. Their record stands for itself (see biographies of key staff).

SVA is an independent organisation and, whilst we do work with different insurers from time to time, we have no financial tie, retainer or specific allegiance to any single provider. We can be “designated” as the kidnap and ransom consultant for any company or individual, whenever this may be required or if the insured (policy holder) would prefer an Asian based crisis consultant to be so designated.

SVA is also happy to work (on a non-exclusive basis) with other reputable service providers, as may be necessary to serve the best interests of the insured. This especially so, given SVA’s Asia Pacific capabilities and long distances and response times from the U.S.A. or U.K.

Kidnap and Ransom Consulting Services:

  • Vulnerability assessments: on behalf of MNCs, high net-worth individuals or insurers, we can evaluate the likely risk to a given individual or organisation based on a detailed survey of factors affecting them.
  • Pre-incident training: a familiarization exercise for the insured to convey an understanding of the likely dynamics of a kidnapping incident and to pre-determine various key (confidential) personal data from the insured which can be used by consultants in the unfortunate event of an actual incident.
  • Basic counter surveillance training: to offer the insured some measure of understanding as to whether or not he or she is being actively surveilled. Most kidnap and ransom incidents are preceded by a period of surveillance and planning by perpetrators.
  • Incident response services: to swiftly respond, evaluate the situation and determine the facts.
  • Negotiation and release of hostage(s): the hands-on negotiation process and organisation of a ransom payment; this consistent with – insurance or other factors and the all important recovery of the victim.
  • Post incident debriefing: re-evaluation of planning and the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures to an insured corporation or family.
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