Product Contamination & Product Recall Consulting Services

SVA has unique experience in the product extortion, malicious product tampering and product recall consulting areas; often operating in emerging markets with less than ideal law enforcement support.

SVA has an unparalleled track record in the discreet and effective handling of special risk issues in three especially sensitive areas:

All of the above areas present unique and sensitive challenges to corporations; specialist knowledge and experience is required to successfully resolve these.

Experience shows that in instances of kidnapping, that a poorly handled situation will result in the unfortunate demise of a single executive, but generally little long term damage to the corporation; whereas the mishandling of a product extortion or contamination incident can lead to the swift meltdown of a brand or of the share price of a publically traded corporation. The contingency planning, testing and reviewing process is therefore absolutely critical for firms to protect brands, most especially in the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical areas.

SVA’s consultants have handled numerous such incidents and have advised management and boards of directors as to appropriate courses of action in the face of acute threats to public health or to corporate reputation.

The ability to quickly analyse potential contaminant(s), as well as to assess the nature of the threat and to apply contingency measures swiftly and discreetly is critical to the safe resolution of such incidents.

Working closely with clients, insurers and public relations consultant – SVA can assist in the rapid and effective resolution of product extortion and contamination cases.

Product Contamination and Product Recall Consulting Services

The Product Contamination and Product Recall Consulting Services offered by SVA are based on years of experience in this field, working both in the private sector and in government service, including:

  • Drawing up completely new or testing existing corporate contingency plans:to ensure that a concise and clear plan is in place to deal with all incidents, including appropriate notification procedures and immediate testing of suspect content. Such plans will need to be acceptable to the insurer and fully understood and agreed to by the corporate crisis management team.
  • Simulations and testing of contingency & recall plans: to ensure that the plans remain current and appropriate and that all involved understand their roles and responsibilities. Such testing is often done under realistic simulated conditions to give the client the benefit of testing the team under some induced (but controlled) stress.
  • Crisis containment and response: acting as hands-on response consultants and in advising the company throughout the period of the crisis.
  • Liaison with law enforcement: as may be required and on the instructions of the client (often in emerging markets).
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