Risk Assessment & Crisis Consulting Services

In today’s global economy, challenges faced by corporations operating in both mature and emerging markets are many and complex. Understanding potential risk is the key to delivering shareholder expectations, meeting legal compliance and in protecting human, intellectual, reputational and material assets.

SVA assists our clients with information, operational support and training in order to pre-emptively identify risk and to prepare for and effectively respond to crises.

Working closely with client management, SVA’s crisis consulting specialists can identify potential threats and risks to the client organisation. We will support you through the development and implementation of appropriate systems and strategies; all calculated to help you manage and mitigate crises. To this end we can design and employ simulations to rigorously test your plans and to prepare your people. Furthermore, we assist in the maintenance of your company’s readiness through operational audits and through the training of your internal crisis management organisation. Should the worst occur, the SVA team has the experience and expertise to immediately and effectively respond to a broad range of crises.

New market entry: your corporation has plans to build a research and development campus in a new market country. SVA will help you to identify and understand the potential risks and will work with your project team to mitigate, avoid or transfer such risks.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of risks, the essential first step in understanding a corporate risk profile. Through the application of detailed, analytical processes we equip our clients to recognise and quantify risk, to understand the potential impact of such and to employ appropriate strategies to prevent, avoid, transfer and manage risk.

Through our Business Impact Assessments process, SVA will carefully analyse your business in order to develop an in-depth understanding and to identify critical areas upon which the business depends. This review will then become the foundation for wider preventative risk plans, immediate response and recovery plans and for training programmes.

SVA can also work with clients to develop travel safety programmes for the protection of “road warriors”, as they support their businesses internationally. Our experienced teams can work with clients in the design and development of procedures and the maintenance and support of these programmes as they are rolled out and we can respond to emergencies and render support to employees in need, be the requirement safety, security or medical in nature.

We work closely with some of the world’s largest insurers and we are frequently the “designated” crisis and response consultants for some very large corporate interests.

Crisis Consulting Services

Our crisis management specialists will work with your senior leadership team, security, legal, human resources, communications or other professionals at your corporate headquarters or in the field to provide a comprehensive range of appropriate, practical and pragmatic crisis management solutions.

The Risk Assessment and Crisis Consulting Services offered by SVA are based on years of practical experience across many private industry segments and government services, including:

  • Risk Evaluation
  • Crisis Prevention Planning
  • Crisis Response Planning
  • Live Incident Response
  • Crisis Planning and Evacuation
  • Business Continuity, Planning & Response
  • Executive Travel Safety Programmes
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